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Sleepy Hollow Mobile Estates, Inc. does not sell homes for our owners...the office will only refer you to the owners for further information. In some cases, homes for sale may be opened by other park residents for showing potential buyers, by appointment only. Call or email the office for more information on any homes for sale, unless stated differently with the photo.

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38626 Lansing Avenue

Lot 138








Reduced Nov. 2017!!!


Asking Price $11,500

No Share, But Share Available


2 bedroom, 1 bath, fully furnished
Nice screen room, right beside pool

Contact: Karen MacMillan

Phone: # 519.256.0054

E-mail:    karenmac50@hotmail.com



 38609 Windflower Ave.

Lot 16



Asking Price: $30,000

Includes Cooperative Share

Maintenance Fee of $110/month


2 bedroom, 1 bath
Fully furnished + shed, extra living room, laundry


Contact: Laura Peeples

Phone: 253.224.1448

Email: l_aubrey@comcast.net




Lot 49

38700 Windflower Avenue




New Listing 05-28-17

Asking Price: $34,000

Includes Cooperative Share

2 bedrooms, 2 baths. Fully Furnished.


Contact: Barbara Marshall

Phone: 207.416.4199

Email: pepsibarbara5@aol.com   





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